Forensic audit, fraud detection and Investigation techniques

Some big financial frauds have been witnessed in the recent past involving huge loss of public money. The sustainability of investment firms is highly dependent on the financial and accounting operations that relay the transparency, accountability, and profitability, which attracts investors. In certain  instances, firms may incur significant financial failure, lawsuits, and bankruptcy following accounting fraud  involving manipulation of financial [...]

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Online Social Networks: Threats and Solutions

Social networks are an inherent part of today’s Internet and used by more than a billion people worldwide. They allow people to share ideas and interact with other people, from old friends to strangers. Unfortunately, many smartphone users do not recognize these security shortcomings. Many users fail to enable the security software that comes with their phones, and [...]

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Russian Pharmaceutical sector, threat or opportunity ?

Healthcare Market Forecast Healthcare provision, in general, will remain poor in Russia. Significant disparities remain between the more populous and economically affluent West and the poorer and rural East. Moreover, a critical lack of funding will continue to hamper the provision of care. State expenditure will pick up as the economy gradually recovers from recession, [...]

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What’s the Syrian economical future ?

Large-scale destructions of infrastructure, emigration and continued (albeit somewhat subsiding) violence continue to weigh on Syria's economic conditions. Although we expect a return to modest growth in 2019, we highlight that Syrian nominal GDP will remain far below pre-civil war levels for many years. Before 2011, the performance of the Syrian economy had been relatively [...]

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The developing moroccan healthcare sector will create opportunity In the regional Pharmaceutical Market

Disparities in healthcare access still persist. Almost 15 years after Morocco’s major healthcare reforms aimed at reducing health inequalities across the country, access to healthcare services for low-income and rural portions of the population remains challenging . Reportedly les s than half of the population have healthcare coverage across the country, while this proportion falls [...]

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India: Near-Term Rupee Strength To Fade

Short-Term Outlook (three-to-six months) The Indian rupee has appreciated by 3.9% since  September 2018 forecast. This is on the back of improving terms of trade following a sharp drop in global oil prices. The rupee's average of INR68.40/USD in 2018 is largely in line with our INR68.50/USD average forecast for the year. We forecast the rupee to average  [...]

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